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Song: Colours ft Tamara Dey

Artist: DJ Zinhle

I’ve seen some things, I’ve seen some colour

I’ve seen the lights of disco nights and star crossed lovers

I’ve seen lives lived, I’ve seen them wasted

So I’m hanging on to every bite I’ve tasted


These are the things that make us stronger

These are the dreams that make us rise each day

We grow the most in pain it always makes me wonder

Why we’d ever want to live another way


I see your colours shining, in synergy my friends

The stars are re-aligning, so we can start again x 4


I’ve done some things’, I’ve seen some places

And I’m living for the look upon their faces

I see them dance, I hear them sing

And every moment is a blessing and a dream


These are the things that make us stronger

These are the dreams that make us rise each day

We grow the most in pain it always makes me wonder

Why we’d ever want to live another way

Albany Low GI and DJ Zinhle Launch Dynamic Energy Partnership


MAY 20, 2016

Albany Low GI has announced a new partnership with one of South Africa’s most popular celebrities, DJ Zinhle.

DJ Zinhle burst onto the South African landscape eleven years ago as a pioneering female DJ. Not content with shaking up a male dominated industry, she has scaled equal heights as a TV presenter and actress, appearing in productions such as Rhythm City, Imfihlo: The Secret, Jika Majika, Club Culture and more. Nominated by the Mail & Guardian as one of 300 young people “you have to take to lunch”, DJ Zinhle has travelled across the world as a DJ and entertainer, and is increasingly recognised for her dynamic approach to healthy living.

“We’re delighted to welcome DJ Zinhle into the family as an Albany Low GI brand ambassador,” says Patience Mhlarhi, Marketing Assistant, Albany Bakeries. “She’s a truly dynamic personality. With a new child and a thriving career, her approach to life, love and work is really interesting. We have a fantastic set of initiatives planned that will bring a lot of her knowledge to light – particularly when it comes to how to manage a busy life and structure an effective, low GI diet.”

High GI foods create a quick energy boost, followed by a slump. The Low GI approach to eating, on the other hand, feeds the body with a steady supply of energy through the day – which is ideal for busy professionals, moms and, of course, kids.

“Energy and food play a big part in my family life and my career, so it’s hugely exciting to get the opportunity to partner with Albany Low GI,” says DJ Zinhle. “I’m really looking forward to interacting with South Africans around this important subject.”

With Albany’s help, DJ Zinhle will share her approach to exercise, fitness, eating and food preparation with South African families.

“It’s more than possible to eat great food, stay fit and be full of energy – if you understand the basics,” says DJ Zinhle. “My job makes me work late hours and I still have more work during the day, so I need the right energy foods to keep going. I work out five days a week and I watch what I eat, while Kairo, my daughter, also keeps me very active. I’ll be sharing a lot of the little things I’ve learned along the way about health and family eating, as well, of course, as the big stuff.”

The Albany Low GI and DJ Zinhle partnership kicks off this May. Keep an eye on the media for more details, and follow the activity on Facebook (

DJ Zinhle will be Unlocking her energy with Albany Low G.I bread and Takkies at a Rocking n Heels class on the 21st of May.